Who We Are

Our Culture and Commitment

At Atlantic AE, we believe that unmatched customer service begins with truly listening to our clients’ needs and ideas. Leading with over 200 combined years of research, experience, and innovations, we offer a proactive approach to ensure a project is delivered on time, on budget and surpassing expectations. We pride ourselves on giving every project the personal attention that is required to meet the standard of quality that we promise to each client. It has been these core values that have made us stand out in the industry and will continue to strengthen our partnerships for years to come.

The dedication and commitment we give to clients and partners is the same we hold ourselves to. We invest in our employee’s success to ensure your success. We encourage continually improving our skills by learning from industry leaders. We expose each employee to new opportunities, trainings, and leadership tasks on every project to create a more balanced team. We invest in our employees so they can invest in you!

Core Values

We Build Partnerships

Strong relationships are foundational to us. We value our partners as more than a client and consultant, we strive to build relationships and create a cohesive unit to ensure project success. As the saying goes in our kick-off meetings: “Here is our Mission: Win as a Team”

We are Customer Focused

Driven to ensure client success, our teams develop detailed plans to execute the project across every phase. Being client-centric isn’t just a catch phrase for us, its who we are.

We Design in the Details

The minor things often get overlooked in a project, but our firm ensures that throughout every step, the project is successful in the little things. Success in the intricate detail drives success in the overall.

We Encourage Continuous Improvement

Built into every process is a way to learn and improve. Our team takes a deep-dive into everything we do to maximize efficiency and improve the way we operate. We never lose focus on continuous improvement: it’s in our DNA!

Our Team

Team members are the lifeblood of our firm.  Without their drive to ensure client success, we would just have pretty pictures on the wall.  Get to know our team below!

Brandon Hartwick

President, Principal

Jeff Hart


Stephenie Bryan


Scott A. Bryan


Partner | Finance

Tracy Williams-Prince

Executive Director

Patrick Gaither

Program Manager

Krystian Krepa

Senior Program Manager

Morgan Boles

Project Coordinator

Stephanie Riggs

Assistant Project Manager

Juan Ramos

Program Coordinator

Palmer Reale

Program Architect  

Bethany Latham

Assistant Project Manager

Marius Cerkauskas 

Project Coordinator 

Erin Gaffney

Project Assistant

Fiona Brabyn

Project Manager

Taylor Bailes

Project Coordinator

Jasimyne Wilson

Project Coordinator

Megan Smith

Assistant Project Manager

Ace Elsea

Project Architect

Allison Lantier

Project Architect

Brooke Flowers

Assistant Project Manager

Phil Guston

Project Architect

Errol Ramirez

Project Architect

Tyler Moore

Project Architect

Ermin Brkic

Senior Project Manager

Krysta Hartwick

Project Architect

Maria Gloria

Maria Gloria

Maria Gloria

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