Supporting our Team with Continuous Improvement Opportunities

At Atlantic AE we encourage continuous improvement; we believe in it so strongly that it is one of our core values and a daily focus for every team member. Our implemented design processes encourage investigative research, implementation strategies, and continuous learning to happen at every step.

We believe that one of the greatest investments we can make is in our team; we devote dedicated training budgets to help advance their knowledge within the industry. This allows us to ensure we are providing them with the necessary tools to do their job with excellence and advance to the next stages of their career.

Atlantic AE chooses to aid employees in furthering their education, training, and professional certifications in the following ways:

  • Reimburse membership costs for up to two associated entities per team member including NCARB, AIA, LEED, and other relevant organizations.
  • Attending an annual design or project management conference. For example, our licensed architects or “pathway architects” are invited to attend the annual AIA Conference in June – completely paid for by the company (travel, tickets, food, hotel).
  • Mentorship and training for the Project Management and Architecture Design teams – one virtual and one multi-day in-person every year.
  • Dedicated annual budgets for each team member to use as part of their professional development path.

Supporting our team to keep chasing their professional goals and promoting continuous improvement is just one of the many reasons why Atlantic AE is such a wonderful place to work!