Atlantic AE Employee Spotlight: Meet Bethany!

As a Junior Project Manager with Atlantic AE, Bethany helps the Project Manager or Project Architect in the coordination of project efforts. This coordination includes permitting, communications, project documentation and filing. Bethany’s creativity, positive outlook, and dedication make her an incredible teammate! Her passion for our environment and her love for nature is inspiring – and always a joy to hear about in our team gatherings!

Here is what Bethany had to say when we asked her a few questions about working at Atlantic AE. 

What attracted you to work at Atlantic AE?

Coming from working for General Contractors, I was very interested in working for an Architecture firm to become more familiar with the design process and pre-construction side of a project. I also wanted to work remotely! 

What do you love most about your job?

I love our team and find the collaboration and teamwork really inspiring. I enjoy coordinating our projects and being a resource for my teammates as we hustle to complete fast-paced and intricate deliverables. 

Do you have a favorite Atlantic AE core value you embody?

My favorite of Atlantic’s Core values is building partnerships. Within both our project teams, with consultants and our clients, I find so much fulfillment in getting to know people, understanding their needs and personalities, how they work, and how I can help us to win as a team. Facilitating smooth projects and good collaboration on all sides is very satisfying. 

 What do you do in your free time? 

I love spending time with my family and hiking with my dog, Mr. Bojangles. I also really enjoy cooking, fermenting, gardening, running, cycling, swimming. Basically, anything outside that involves plants and animals, and I am there!