Cultivating Culture as a Remote-Based Company

As a remote-based company, it is important to Atlantic AE that we create an inviting company culture where team members feel respected and happy to partner with other team members and support clients in the industry.

A strong company culture attracts extraordinary talent, enhances employee retention, and increases employee engagement. In addition, having a compelling company culture improves customer service and embraces our core values. This serves us well at Atlantic AE because at the very heart of our firm are those core values where we “Build Partnerships” and focus on the client’s needs at every step.

Ways we nurture culture at Atlantic AE:

  • Our leadership practices our culture on a daily basis. They lead by example and make business decisions with Atlantic AE’s core values and culture at the forefront.  You will frequently hear the leaders of the company mention “servant leadership,” where in order to be successful, each team member has to feel supported and encouraged to improve. 
  • Culture is an integral part of our hiring process and progressed throughout employment with mentorship, training, and continuous improvement opportunities. 
  • We formed a culture committee to develop, share, and lead Atlantic AE in a culture we can be proud of. The committee creates events that encourage employee engagement – time where we get to know each other better and usually leave us laughing. 
  • We turn our cameras on! It is important to see our team members, and technology makes it possible to connect virtually.
  • Atlantic AE has communication protocols we follow. Since we cannot pop into a team member’s remote office, our team must be easily accessible and quick to communicate.
  • Atlantic AE offers a virtual “open door” in which we allow everyone on the team to give their feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • We have each other’s back – whether it is filling in on a call, volunteering to travel, or simply taking on a skill set when others are unavailable.

These are some of the ways we intentionally focus on creating a culture we are proud of at Atlantic AE, and we plan to keep evolving as our team grows. 

Cheers to finding joy in what you do every day!